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HBO+EMTB is built on the reputations of two successful architectural practices – Hoadley Budge Olphert and Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs. We are proud of the design traditions of the organisations from which we’ve come.

The amalgamated practice of HBO+EMTB was established 1994. Hoadley Budge Olphert, a New Zealand firm, expanded into the Australian market through merger with the local practice of Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs. Both firms had amassed significant design legacies: HBO had been operating since 1912, and EMTB since 1945.

Many innovative, award-winning commercial and civic projects from this period have cemented themselves as enduring landmarks in a complex and rapidly changing environment. These include the High Court of Australia and National Gallery

of Australia – iconic, modern buildings recognised for their heritage value.
Key elements of our contemporary design approach, including the application of sustainable design principles and emphasis on humanistic solutions, are evident in commissions from across the past century.

In the last decade, HBO+EMTB has enjoyed continued growth, establishing 23 offices across Asia Pacific, including China and India. Our studios have diversified into specialist areas such as heritage architecture, urban design and strategic workplace planning.

Today, HBO+EMTB’s portfolio includes works across all building types and design disciplines from commercial and infrastructure developments, to residential, retail and hospitality commissions. We continue to value our heritage, and the importance of producing enduring, sustainable design excellence in a commercial context.