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ADNOC Headquarters and CMA Tower Are Two of the Tallest Buildings of 2015

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Headquarters (ADNOC) and Capital Market Authority (CMA) Tower secured two of the top 10 spots for skyscrapers scheduled to open in 2015.

“With the number of officially ‘tall’ buildings — at least 656 feet — doubling over the next 10 years, and the number of ‘megatall’ buildings — at least 1,969 feet — expected to jump from two to 10 by 2020, building construction around the world is literally reaching new heights.

“Indeed, next year alone 10 new skyscrapers of at least 1,110 feet will be completed. They are 2015′s tallest buildings.”


When completed, the 74-story ADNOC Headquarters, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will be the 62nd-tallest building in the world.

Capital Market Authority Tower, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will be the world’s 34th tallest building at 76 stories.


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